Soaring expenditure of putting up in a hotel tends to be unimaginably an expensive affair; apparently, residential and corporate homes have been the most popular and irreplaceable option for millions. They are ideal alternatives for affordable stay that assure luxury home comfort within the stipulated budgets of organisations. Influx of this option has been a boon to countless organisations and individuals that seek facilities, beyond just accommodation to meet various corporate requirements within their budget.
Excellency understands the need of a business and leisure traveller, and provides a quintessential option with more space and services, as Corporate Homes. May it be a permanent accommodation or a plan to relocate on a temporary basis, Excellency is at your disposal, offering fully furnished apartments, with luxury, stylish rooms, exquisitely designed air-conditioned bedrooms, with Wi-Fi internet access, well equipped and maintained kitchenettes (in-house kitchen that serves the choices and preferences with fresh, delicious and personalised home-style food) by OUR 24-hours attendants at your service.

In addition, we exceed your expectations making your stay far more comfortable by offering housekeeping, cooking and laundry services, transport, managed by our efficient and friendly staff. Excellency provides an excellent middle level alternative i.e. between 5 star hotels and low-cost hotels, coupled with service versatility and reliability. These well developed infrastructures give an aura of dearness and comfort. Excellency offers not only accommodation but the cohesiveness and luxury in every apartment with exclusive decors, and round the clock services and facilities.

Excellency, in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, offers fully organised apartments, replicating its accommodation and facilities with required infrastructure and support services. Situated in the HEART of the city, accessibility is also an added up advantage for our guests. Our earnestness is to put comfort and luxury first to give our guests and visitors an experience of ‘home away from home’, with a cosy ambience to savour. Excellency has built up a distinct pyramid of relationships on loyalty of our guests since 1992.
Our perfect blend of a fully fledged young, enthusiastic, qualified, trained and experienced staff form the pillars of our organisation under the guidance of Mr. Sudhir Khanna (D.H.M.C.T & A.N, P.G. Hotel Administration) with 30 years of hospitality experience in various hotels around the world, giving optimum importance to guest care, proficiency and professionalism. This has been the core factor for Excellency’s growth trajectory and success. Their credentials manifest their expertise, making a mark in providing homely accommodation and food to all of their valued guests. Tireless and most satisfying personalised, proficient and professional services in hospitality industry have been the testimonies to Excellency’s performance time and again.

Our Endeavour is to continually improve service and quality to meet the most multifarious requirements of our guests and offer services with utmost care. We are a team committed and dedicated to explore new ways to increase service efficiency based on our guests’ needs and requirements. Our aim is to augment holistic service propositions all over through Excellency, providing hygienic and comfortable alternatives of residential corporate homes with all integrated services and luxuries within a given budget.

Awards, Achievements & Recognitions
   These are the testimonies to our endeavours and pursuits to providing quality services with optimum facilities and advantages to    our customers. These motivate us to improve our service standards and perform better every time.

   corporate housing in delhi ncr, residential corporate housing Excellency has earned the prestigious certification of ‘Gold Category’ from the Bread & Breakfast Establishment of Ministry of          Tourism.